Importing open data

Eurostatuse: imports data from the Eurostat repository into Stata. The Eurostat repository at contains a large number of EU policy data sets, generally time series. The module also provides information on the data set, downloads labels, separates flags and values, implements the reshape to long format, and fixes time formats. See

Eurouse: automatically downloads and imports the Eurostat datasets into Stata using the Eurostat bulk facility, which contains about 5,800 datasets from more than thirty European countries, some datasets also include the United States and Japan. Eurostat updates the datasets twice a day. See

Fetchyahooquotes: module for downloading time series of the more common
financial statistics of multiple financial instruments from Yahoo! Finance. See

Fetchyahookeystats: module for downloading the current day’s key financial statistics for multiple financial instruments from Yahoo! Finance. See

Freduse: module for importing data from FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Database). The FRED repository at the St. Louis FED contains over 3,000 U.S. economic time series. Each time series is stored in a separate file that also contains a string-date variable and header with information about the series. See

Getdata: imports data from several SDMX Data providers (OECD, EUROSTAT, ECB, IMF, ILO, …) in raw, cross-sectional, time series or panel data structure using SDMX rest codes. See

Md4stata: a repository of Stata dataset with macroeconomic data from a variety of sources. See

Quandl: module that pulls any dataset specified by the user from Quandl using the Quandl API. Quandl is a collaboratively-curated portal to millions of time-series datasets. See

Stockquote: currently queries Yahoo’s Finance API for ticker symbol historical values. See

Wbopendata: allows Stata users to download over 3,000 series of indicators from the World Bank databases, including: Development Africa Development Indicators; Doing Business; Education Statistics; Enterprise Surveys; Global Development Finance; Gender Statistics; Health Nutrition and Population Statistics; International Development Association – Results Measurement System; Millennium Development Goals; World Development Indicators; Worldwide Governance Indicators. These indicators include information from over 256 countries and regions, since 1960. See for more.

Xteurostat: imports data from Eurostat using only the table code. It enables also to selection options to import only a limited number of variables or even a single variable at a time. xteurostat is able to import and add directly to the existing data, without loss of data. The options are several, from renaming choosing the names of resulting geographical and time variables (e.g. country and year), determine the period to import, rename countries with ISO 3166-1 Alpha-3 and generating a labelled and ready-to-use ISO 3166-1 Numeric variable to do xtset, or even to specify the new variable’s name when importing one at a time. See